Just A Little Cheese Sung by Hai-Ting Chinn

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Written by Ryland Angel & Maria Christensen A mouthwatering melody that oozes the velvety richness of a grilled cheese sandwich.   JUST A LITTLE CHEESE   When my soup’s a little boring When my sandwich needs a lift When I feel there’s something missing From my favorite omelette I add a little gouda swiss or cheddar Because a little cheese can make the whole world better   Cheese cheese , how I love you cheese Add you in and flavors such a breeze Throw it into all my recipies And that’s all it needs Just a little ….   Cheese cheese such a lovely nosh Call it queso or call it fromage I don’t care just call it what you want Shred it or melt it just please give me some (cheese!)   You can get from a cow Or you can get it from goat You can get it from a cottage in the hills somewhere remote I don’t care if its blue or green or yellow Or if it’s gruyere, munster or mozzarella