BREAD By Ryland Angel and Maria Christensen

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I know I would rather starve instead. If I can’t have a meal with some bread It makes a perfect holder for my ham and provolone Ill dip it in some oil or I’ll have it on its own Don’t care if it’s a biscuit or a bagel or a scone I love bread. Fresh out of the oven is enough to make you swoon A baguette for a picnic makes a perfect afternoon I’m raising up a crouton And I’ll say a toast to you I love bread Isn’t it amazing that some flour and some yeast A little salt and water can make such a perfect feast Makes me want to run out to my favourite bakery And have myself a little spending spree If it were not for the cracker, where to put my caviar? Without a slice, my peanut butter would stay in the jar Its like manna straight from heaven, it’s a blessing and an art I love bread I love bread

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